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Session Session No Time (start) Time (finish) Author Paper Title
Wednesday 24th March           
Coffee and Registration   9.00 9.30    
Welcome   9.30 9.40    
1.  Optimisation Techniques We11 9.40 10.00 Hohnstein Optimal Control of an Activated Sludge process
  We12 10.00 10.20 Bartolin A General Procedure Based on GraphTheory and GA to Calibrate WDS Including Regulating Valves
  We13 10.20 10.40 Keedwell Beyond the GA: From Metaheuristic to Heuristic Techniques
Coffee   10.40 11.10    
2.  Operational Aspects WeK1 11.10 11.50 Ostfeld Optimal Simultaneous Design and Operation of Multi-Quality Water Distribution Systems under Unsteady Hydraulics
  We21 11.50 12.10 Ulanicki A dynamic optimisation approach for operational scheduling of water distribution systems
  We22 12.10 12.30 Malafaya-Baptista Decision Procedures in Water Supply Systems Design and Operation.  Discussion of Simulation Results of Pipe Failure
  We23 12.30 12.50 Hayuti Sequential Solution Seeking DDA based |HAD (SSS-DDA/HDA)
  We24 12.50 13.10 Hartley Achieving Water Distribution Cost Savings in a Control Room Scenario
Lunch   13.10 14.00    
3.  General Decision Support WeK2 14.00 14.40 Mark Real Time Modelling and Decision Support for Urban Drainage Systems
  We31 14.40 15.00 Sjovold Benchmarking the Water and Wastewater sector in Norway - approaching a new regulatory regime?
  We32 15.00 15.20 Scholes The use of multi-criteria analysis in decision support systems for the evaluation of urban surface drainage options
Coffee   15.20 15.50    
3.  General Decision Support We33 15.50 16.10 Martinez Topological analysis of Water Distribution Systems as a powerful decision support tool
  We34 16.10 16.30 Giustolisi Decision support for Water Distribution System's rehabilitation using evolutionary computing
  We35 16.30 16.50 Gasmelseid  Cooperative Decision Support Systems 
Seminar Dinner   19.30 for 20.00 Late Reed Hall  
Thursday 25 March          
1.  Risk & Uncertainty and Numerical Techniques ThK1 9.00 9.40 Nadolin Some Approaches to Simplification and Dimension Reduction of the Mathematical Models of Admixture Transport in Channel/Pipe Flows
  Th11 9.40 10.00 Yan Water Flow and Contaminant Transport in Unsaturated Zone Under Uncertainties
  Th12 10.00 10.20 Li An Object-Oriented Framework for Vulnerability and Risk Assessment of Water Supply Systems
Coffee   10.20 10.50    
1.  Risk & Uncertainty and Numerical Techniques Th13 10.50 11.10 Babayan Comparison of Three Methods of Quantification of Uncertainty in Nodal Heads Caused by Uncertainty in Demand
  Th14 11.10 11.30 Gancel Coupled numerical simulation and sensitivity assessment for quality modelling in Water Distribution Systems
2.  Multi Objective Optimisation Th21 11.30 11.50 Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia Fuzzy Multiobjective Design Optimisation of Water Distribution Networks
  Th22 11.50 12.10 Carrijo Multiobjective Optimization in the Operation of a Water Distribution System using Elitist Evolutionary Algorithm
  Th23 12.10 12.30 Prasad Minimising Residence Times in Water Distribution Networks by Increasing Night Flows
Lunch   12.30 13.30    
3.  Network Operational Th31 13.30 13.50 Santl Evaluation of water supply systems as hydrant networks for fire protection
  Th32 13.50 14.10 Tanyimboh Availability of Water in Distribution Systems
Seminar Close     14.10    


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