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[Document icon] 09 July 2003
[Document icon] 22 January 2003
[Document icon] 06 November 2002
[Document icon] 24 July 2002 [awaiting import]
[Document icon] Steering Group conception meeting .. 25-Jan-2001

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[Document icon] Converting SAM to Client/Server topology
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[Document icon] SAM Old News .. going back to Summer 2000

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Updated: 17-Sep-2003
Author: R.D.Burnley

About SAM3

SAM3 is the third incarnation of the Schools Administrative Management system. It is a hybrid Ms-Access/MySQL database application used by School's administrative staff to assist in the management of their Programmes, Modules, Students and Staff.

About this website

The content for the site is cobbled together from pages from previous attempts to document the SAM project. Hence the disparate style of some documents.

This site has more than one purpose. The obvious, foremost, one being to disseminate information about SAM3. The second is for me to keep my web design skills up-to-date by learning some Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) techniques. This may be why you might be seeing an unstyled page with this text at the end of the page rather than in a floating block off to the top right. You may improve your browsing experience if you upgrade to a newer, more standards compliant browser.

For my convenience and for those of you who want to know more, these are some of the CSS resources I've been investigating:
a list apart | eric costello | blue robot | and summing it up neatly Netscape DevEdge Redesigns As Standards Showcase