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Magnetic Data Storage

Topical Meeting - Magnetic Data Storage - The Next Steps
Manchester University, Monday 16th January 2006


Details of the meetings' programme can be downloaded in pdf format

Invited Talks
( Some presentations can be viewed in pdf or powerpoint format)

Dr Rob Hardeman, Seagate, Northern Ireland, UK
'The challenges for perpendicular recording technology'

Dr Jim Miles , University of Manchester
'The effects of grain size distributions in perpendicular media and the case for patterned data storage'

Dr Lesley Wears, University of Exeter
'High anisotropy media for perpendicular and heat-assisted magnetic recording'

Dr Tony Curzon Price (CEO) and Robert Jackson Arithmatica Ltd, Warwick, UK
'Read channel issues for perpendicular recording'

Mike Miles, Divisional CTO Xyratex, Havant, UK
'Test and process challenges in the Hard Drive Industry'

Charles Barnes (CEO) DataSlide Ltd, Brighton, UK
'DataSlide - a new concept for magnetic data storage'

Barry Holton, PlasmaQuest Ltd, Hook, UK
'Magnetic data storage materials - a PlasmaQuest perspective'

Dr Genhua Pan, University of Plymouth
'MRAM - present state-of-the-art and future challenges'