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The Data Storage Network (DSNetUK) has been set up to follow the EPSRC's Storage Network (DSN) encouraging collaboration between members with research expertise from both academic and industrial backgrounds. focussing on understanding the complex and inter-linked physics, materials and engineering processes behind 'conventional' and 'alternative' mass storage techniques.

The aims of the Network are to;
- Determine appropriate goals, aspirations and development strategies for the UK's data storage research, technology and manufacturing base. 

- Provide routes for the successful implementation of such strategies. 

- Promote joint industry academic bids to funding agencies for projects of mutual interest. The initial objective is £3,000,000 funding, in the first three years. 

- To exchange know-how and research results via meetings, workshops and staff-exchanges.

Please click here to view the DSNet Introduction given by David Wright, University of Exeter at the DTI meeting, London, June 2004.

UK Data Storage Scene
According to the UK Directory of Information Storage Manufacturing and Research Development ( 2nd edition - DTI Publication - see http://www.mackintoshconsultants.co.uk ), there are 54 UK Companies and 15 UK Universities involved in some aspect of Data Storage including drive manufacture, components and sub-assemblies, testing and manufacturing equipment, consumables and services.

The UK companies are varied in size, for example some of the companies listed are;

HP, Bristol - digital tape systems - 1000+ employees
Seagate, Northern Ireland - HDD read/write heads - 1500+ employees
Infortrend, Surrey - RAID controllers - 5 employees
SomerData, Wells -   PC-based real time data storage - 3 employees
APH Industries, Buxton - HDD process chemicals - 60 employees