Richards Group

Recent group news


  • January: Great news: we got awarded a GW4 Initiator Fund for "GW4 NanoEvade: Smart design of nanoparticle-drugs to evade the immune response"!
  • January: Our latest Wellcome Trust funded CBMA seed corn on "Modelling penetration of nanoparticle-drugs across biological barriers" has started
  • February: GW4 Initiator kick-off in Bristol with Charlie Jeynes!
  • March: GW4 NanoEvade meeting in Bristol with the whole team
  • March: Welcome to Ram Attili who joins our group as an MRC-funded Postdoctoral Research Fellow to work on "The Fundamentals of Phagocytosis: Integrating Theoretical Models and Experiments"
  • June: Welcome to Trish Thomas as she starts her MRC fellowship in the LSI!
  • July: GW4 NanoMedicine Workshop in Exeter with over 50 participants - see the website
  • July: Massive congratulations to Trish for passing her PhD viva!


  • February: Our first peroxisome paper has now been published in Traffic:
    • Castro IG, Richards DM, Metz J, Costello JL, Passmore JB, Schrader TA, Gouveia A, Ribeiro D, Schrader M: A role for MIRO1 in motility and membrane dynamics of peroxisomes. Traffic 19:229-42 (PubMed)
  • February: Congratulations to Jordan Hembrow, who has just won a BBSRC-funded PhD starting with us in September to work on "Mathematical modelling of phytopathogen-targeted secretion pathways"
  • March: Physics Theory Seminar by Rosalind Allen on modelling antibiotics on bacteria
  • March: QBME incubator in Torquay - round 5 already!
  • April: Josh Marsh and Kom Iyol complete their Master's project on "The electrotaxis of Dictyostelium discoideum"
  • April: Excellent news: BBSRC are going to fund our responsive mode proposal "Unveiling the molecular mechanisms to modulate peroxisome dynamics and abundance for improvement of cell performance" with Michael Schrader as PI!
  • April: Well done to Josiah whose poster on "Modelling Peroxisomal Dynamics in Health and Disease" won "Best in Show" at Exe-BioCon 2018
  • May: Our new Leica microscope is installed, working and ready to go!
  • May: Great to meet so many other fellows again at the MRC Fellows' Symposium!
  • September: Jordan has started his SWBio PhD, kicking off with a rotation with Mike Deeks
  • September: Talk at the John Innes Centre on "Modelling engulfment during phagocytosis"
  • November: Massive congratulations to Trish, who has just secured a prestigious MRC Skills Development Fellowship!


  • May: Josiah's Histochem Cell Biol paper is out:
    • Passmore JB, Pinho S, Gomez-Lazaro M, Schrader M: The respiratory chain inhibitor rotenone affects peroxisomal dynamics via its microtubule-destabilising ability. Histochem Cell Biol 148(3):331 (PubMed)
  • June: Great Exeter showing at the yearly MRC Fellows' Symposium
  • July: LSI Opening Symposium - we're officially finally open!
  • July: Two days in Torquay at the CMBA/CPMH Incubator for seed corn round 4
  • October: Undergrad teaching for the Mathematical Modelling In Biology And Medicine (NSCM005) course
  • September: Four MPhys students start work on their project "The biophysics of phagocytosis" based in Peter Petrov's lab
  • September: Congratulations to Josiah who has successfully upgraded his Masters to a PhD based in the Schrader lab!
  • November: Welcome to Blake Cook from the University of Melbourne who has joined us to work on "The effect of electric fields on wound closure studied through electrotaxis in Dictyostelium discoideum"
  • December: Phagocytosis review published: Richards DM, Endres RG:
    • Richards DM, Endres RG: How cells engulf: a review of theoretical approaches to phagocytosis. Rep Prog Phys 80:126601 (PubMed)


  • February: CBMA Public Involvement Communications Workshop
  • February: Talk at the LSI Research Symposium in Exeter ("Engulfment during phagocytosis: combining modelling and experiment")
  • March: Busy few days: visits and talks at the Universities of Liverpool and York!
  • April: "Magpies Communications Workshop" with Jo Welsman
  • May: Our article on the shape dependence of phagocytosis is published in PNAS:
    • Richards DM, Endres RG: Target shape dependence in a simple model of receptor-mediated endocytosis and phagocytosis. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 113(22):6113-8 (PubMed)
  • May: Great SHAMROK network meeting in Sheffield on "The Physics of Phagocytosis"
  • July: Thanks to all (especially Chrissie!) who helped organise our IOP workshop on "The cytoskeleton and the cell membrane in the immune system"
  • July: Conference time with Charlie Jeynes at the 16th IUBMB Conference in Vancouver!
  • September: Josiah has started his Masters' project on peroxisome dynamics
  • September: Freddy and Rudy start their CBMA PhDs on "Optimising dermatological photodynamic therapy effectiveness using a novel radiative transfer model" and "The emergence of biological phenotypes from dynamic gene networks" respectively
  • September: BioDynamics Workshop held at Exeter including a talk on our work