Air Flow Around A High Speed Train
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The Project Aims & Objectives

High speed trains such as the French TGV need to be heavily streamlined in order to reduce air drag. The objective of this project is to look at the air flow over a typical HST using a combination of Computational and Experimental techniques.

A simplified CAD description of the front of the train will be constructed and imported into Fluent, and a CFD study concentrating on flow visualisation undertaken.

Rapid Prototyping will also be used to construct a scale model of the front of the train for experimentation in the departmental wind tunnel. The results of these two studies will be compared.

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High Speed rail links in Britain

With the ever increasing number of flights and passengers, along with the fears of flying, the future of mass transport in Britain could be the high-speed, inter-city rail link.

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Stuart Rees 2003