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The Historical Research Unit at the Institute of Cornish Studies

President: Dr John Rowe

The Network was established in 1998 to promote the study of Cornish history. By developing and encouraging an ongoing programme of prestigious research initiatives we intend to create a greater understanding of Cornwall, along with the Cornish overseas, in the past and present.

We are creating an inter-disciplinary and multi-media culture for researchers, teachers and students. This is based on a regular seminar programme, the CHN annual conference and lively debate in our quarterly newsletter. An online journal, Cornish History, provides a further opportunity to promote new work.

On a wider level the Network is developing academic and cultural links with similar organisations within the British Isles, Europe and throughout the world. Our strategy is to raise the profile of Cornish history and culture through adopting a comparative approach to research and publications.

CONFERENCE: Family, communities and cultures: from the prehistoric to the present
Call for papers, January 2003 

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