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Family, communities and cultures: from the prehistoric to the present

A one-day conference organised by the Cornish History Network at the Institute of Cornish Studies, University of Exeter.

Date: 25th January 2003

Venue: Combined Universities in Cornwall campus, Tremough, Penryn, Cornwall.

The family has attracted wide academic interest from a range of disciplines. This conference will explore this topic through the following key themes:

  • The family in society. What has been the role of the family in migration? How have issues of race and ethnicity impacted on the family? How do patterns of family organisation vary by region, class, ethnic group?
  • The family over time. How have family roles and structures changed over time? How did industrialisation affect the family? How much do longitudinal studies tell us about the geographical and social mobility of families?
  • Family myths and narratives. How were family strategies decided? How were gender roles negotiated? How has the family been represented in literature, art and film?

Paper proposals (up to 250 word abstract) should be submitted by e-mail to or by post to the Cornish History Network at the Institute of Cornish Studies. We particularly welcome papers that are interdisciplinary and proposals from postgraduate research students and independent scholars.

Dr Garry Tregidga, Institute of Cornish Studies, Hayne Corfe Centre, Sunningdale, Truro TR1 3ND. Tel: 01872 263 457. Fax: 01872 223 449. Email:


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