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Seminar 2004


Minutes of the 4th ACTUI Network Meeting
 held on Thursday 28th November 2002 at University of Bradford

Members Present


Dr Roger King (Chair)

University of Exeter


Mr Richard Long

Ewan Associates


Mr Brendan McAndrew

Ewan Associates


Prof Dragan Savic

University of Exeter


Prof Adrian Saul

University of Sheffield


Dr Peter Skipworth



Dr Tiku Tanyimboh

University of Liverpool


Prof Godfrey Walters

University of Exeter





Apologies were received from Sarah Adam, Annette Bramley, Leo Kiernan, Soon Thiam Khu, Mark Worsfold, Andrew Southall, Dennis Grimshaw, Elliot Gill, Ray Cummings, Linda Brady, Hoi Yeung, Cedo Maksimovic and Richard Ashley. 

GAW explained that RK had joined Exeter as a Business Fellow and had agreed to chair ACTUI.



Proposal on Academic Placements 


GAW explained that there was funding within ACTUI that could be used to support short period placements of researchers with other network groups. Only travel and accommodation costs in the UK would be covered. This could be used either from academic group to academic group, or to and from industry for a few days. It is anticipated that those benefiting from this arrangement should write a brief (single page) post-visit report describing how well the scheme functioned, together with recommendations for improvement, if necessary, and some general (non-commercial) observations and conclusions. Applications should be made in the first instance through Sarah Adam.



Academic Industrial Consultation


It was agreed that the network should offer a free initial enquiry system from academics to industry. Willing academic groups would offer up to half a day free consultation on matters relevant to ACTUI. This would include problem assessment/definition and identification of the most relevant expertise and which academic member/s might be best suited to provide specialist help.




CCWI 2003


GAW reported that ACTUI were to organise a session at Advances In Water Supply (CCWI) conference at Imperial College in September 15-17th 2003. GAW/SA to follow up with organisers and circulate members.




ACTUI Seminars for Industry


GAW suggested future meetings should be based on seminars with strong industrial attraction. RK explained his survey and canvassing of firms. Discussion followed about several proposed topics and timing. The most likely topic was the general area of "decision making under uncertainty". This could include how to deal with inadequate or inaccurate data, how to cope with uncertain predictions and performance, risk based modelling etc. Other topics mentioned and discarded after discussion were pigging, in-line monitoring of water quality and leakage caused by pressure surge. The seminars would address problems and techniques in simple terms with worked examples where possible.  RK will further canvass industry and academic institutions to agree topics and secure sufficient papers and presentations from members. A tentative date for the first seminar is March 19th 2003 and a draft proposal for this will be circulated before Christmas. The venue, to be confirmed later is likely to be either at London (UKWIR) or Birmingham.




Report on Collaborative research projects


Pennine Group (Sheffield/Bradford) and Exeter in collaboration with several industrial members have secured EPSRC funding for the project Whole Life Costing of Sewerage, which starts early 2003. 

AS reported that there had been several awards involving members under the EPSRC SUE initiative. (Sheffield, Bradford, Imperial college were the academic groups mentioned). Several members were also involved in the EPSRC Flooding consortium that was in the formation process. General interest in STI was also mentioned by the Pennine Group, who said they would provide details later.

It was suggested that SA put a guide/links to sources of funding on the web, largely for the benefit of industrial members wishing to collaborate with academics.




Framework 6 Proposals


DAS explained Exeter involvement with others on proposals for funding under the future European Framework 6 programme. DAS agreed to link  ACTUI web site to the Expressions of Interest web site.




Future of ACTUI


As ACTUI is now half way through the 3 years of funding, we needed to consider its future. It was agreed that we should continue, but this is dependent to some extent on industrial funding. RK reported his belief that the ODOURS network was self sustaining with modest membership fees. SWIG was also mentioned as a good model, and Pete Skipworth offered to send RK details of SWIG constitution and aims together with contact details for Michael Scott, the SWIG 'founder'. It was also suggested that should the proposed March 2003 seminar be successful, the seminar theme could be adopted as the focus of ACTUI, embracing asset management and management and operational risk. 




Any Other Business


No other business.




Date of next meeting


A date for the next meeting will be set once the outline details for the March Seminar are agreed through e-mail and telephone contact with members.


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