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Advanced Computer Technology for Underground Infrastructure

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Seminar 2004

Minutes of the ACTUI Network Meeting held on 

16 May, 2001 in Novotel Hotel, Birmingham




Members Present



Dr Godfrey Walters

Dr Soon-Thiam Khu

Dr Hoi Yeung

Prof Adrian Saul

Dr Pete Skipworth

Prof Cedo Maksimovic

Prof Andrew Templeman

Prof Richard Burrows

Dr Tiku Tanyimboh

Dr Bogumil Ulanicki

Dr Peter Bounds

Dr Johannes Andersen

Dr Leo Kiernan

Martin Perrin

Simon Abraham

Norman Revell

Elliot Gill

Ian Miller

Chris Jones

Sarah Adam


University of Exeter

University of Exeter


University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield

Imperial College

University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool

De Montfort University

De Montfort University

Brunel University

Thames Water

Thames Water

Thames Water

Advantica Technologies

Halcrow Water

Ewan Associates Ltd

Northumbrian Water

University of Exeter




These were received from Prof Dragan Savic, Dr Mike Farrimond, Mr Raymond Cummings, Mr Graeme Burns, Mr Antony Green, Dr Roger Powell, Mr Mark Baverstock, Mr Michael Norton, Mr Vincent Ewan.


Role of ACTUI Network


Godfrey Walters gave an overview of the ACTUI Network.


University Presentations



Presentations of research interests were given by the following Universities;

Godfrey Walters – University of Exeter

Peter Skipworth – University of Sheffield

Richard Burrows – University of Liverpool   

Andrew Templeman – University of Liverpool

Tiku Tanyimboh – University of Liverpool

Cedo Maksimovic – Imperial College

Bogumil Ulanicki – De Montfort University

Hoi Yeung – Cranfield University

Johannes Anderson – Brunel University




It was decided that a charge would not be made for additional membership to the network.  The decision not to charge new members could be reviewed in due course, depending upon the amount of funding remaining.  AS suggested that additional funds could be generated from research proposals, publications etc.  


Details of the Programme/Planned Events


HY and BU will discuss details of a seminar on leakage, which could be held at the CCW1 at De Montfort on 5th September.  Once the details have been decided they will liase with Godfrey Walters.




GAW stated that Academics could claim travelling expenses.  A claim form can be obtained from SA.

Industrial members could sponsor meetings where appropriate.


Website Content


A website will be created by SA. 

A summary of research interests will be required from each network member.  SA to produce a standardised format and notify all members.

The website will contain both open and restricted areas.  Password access will be used by network members to access valuable or sensitive information.

Any new information will be emphasised when entered onto the website.

A forum for discussion will be available.


Any Other Business


BU suggested that the formation of a management group should be on the next meetings’ agenda.


The network needs to identify topics and potential collaborative research projects that meet the requirements of the water industry.  SA will contact members and create a table showing members and their industrial or academic interests.


It is anticipated that sub groups of academics will join together to draw up EPSRC project proposals in specific areas, with input from interested industrialists. Potential topics might include hydraulic transients (Imperial College) and Data Uncertainty (Liverpool, Exeter.)  A topic of interest to both academics and industry is that of a Common Network Definition for network modelling. 


LK suggested mailing lists as a way to disseminate information to network members.  SA to look into a mailing list facility to enable newsletters and updates to be emailed to network members. 


SA will notify network members of the date for the next meeting that will be held in conjunction with CCW12001 at De Montfort University early in September.


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