GW4 Imaging sandpit in Exeter, 22 January

GW4 Imaging sandpit in Exeter, 22 January

Do you have an imaging-related research challenge you think others could help solve?

Have you developed new imaging analysis approaches and analysis techniques but need a partner from another discipline to find the perfect application?

The GW4 Imaging Network is holding a saReedHallndpit event on Thursday 22 January in the upper lounge of Reed Hall on the Streatham campus of the University of Exeter. The concept is to hold a day of talks and discussion themed on scientific imaging and the grand research challenges of the GW4 group. The intended outcomes are new cross-GW4, cross-disciplinary collaborations that will generate GW4 Accelerator funding and external grant applications.

The following speakers are giving short presentations to set challenges and stimulate discussion:

GIN Imaging Sandpit Agenda v1_3

Francesca Palombo and Jayakrupakar Nallala (Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter):
“FTIR spectroscopic imaging, Brillouin and Raman spectroscopies applied to biological tissue analysis”

Sasha Hinkley (Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter)
“Imaging of extrasolar planets from the Ground”

Rod Wilson (Biosciences, University of Exeter):
“Visualising calcite crystal growth in fish guts ? novel component of the global marine inorganic carbon cycle?

Dan Bebber (Biosciences, University of Exeter):
“Remote sensing imagery to monitor the effects on deforestation rate of community-lead forest management in Cambodia”

Robert Kelsh (Biology and Biochemistry, University of Bath):
“Gene regulatory networks driving cell fate choice in Zebrafish”

Amit Jathoul (Biosciences, Cardiff University):
“Synthetic Bioluminescence: Infraluciferin”

Carl Harrison (Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter):
“Investigating a novel transiently auxetic property of differentiation priming stem cell nuclei using STORM microscopy”

Jacopo Bertolotti (Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter):
“Imaging through a scattering layer”

Nikolai Leonenko (Mathematics, Cardiff University)
“application to image processing of entropy-based statistical methods”

Chris Neal (Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Bristol)
“Reconstruction of the human renal glomerulus from sections”

Registration is free; to register please email Lunch and plentiful amounts of coffee are provided!

Thanks and best wishes,
The EIN team

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