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IMST White Book

The IMST White Book was conceived during IMST2003 to publicise, particularly to EU FP6 project officers, the capabilities, potential, importance and future directions of mass storage in the EU.  It was prepared by a sub group of the IMST committee by consultation with a wide range of data storage groups, both industrial and university based.

Memories for future electronic systems
A road map for European Research and Development

2006 Edition of the White Book in pdf format

2005 Edition of the White Book in pdf format

2004 Edition of the White Book in pdf format


Solid State Memories
Livid Baldi and Roberto Bez (St Microelectronics, Milan)

Bernard Bechevet (CEA Leti, Grenoble) 

Magnetic Memories
Claude Chappert (CNRS Universite de Paris Sud, IEF, Orsay) 

Optical Memories

Jos van Haaren (Philips, Eindhoven) 


Yves Samson (CEA/DSM Grenoble) 

Emerging Technologies

David Wright (University of Exeter, Exeter) 

White Book Updates
To enter any additions, amendments or suggestions to the 2006 White Book, please click here to go to the White Book Updates page