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Optical Data Data Storage

Topical Meeting - Optical Data Storage
Plasmon Data Storage UK, Melbourn


Details of the meetings' programme can be downloaded in pdf format.

  Invited Talks
( Some presentations can be viewed in pdf or powerpoint format)

Andrew Pauza, Plasmon Data Systems
'Ultra-density Optical (UDO) for archival storage'

Dave West, University of Manchester/P3 Holographics
'Holographic storage and the P3 experience'

Peter Torok, Imperial College London
'Multiplexed optical storage'

Avtar Matharu, Nottingham Trent/York University
'Volumetric and multi-level storage using peptides and polyesters'

David Newman and Lesley Wears, University of Exeter
 'Silver Oxide as an optical storage medium'

Sarah Walters, CRIST, University of Plymouth
'Scanning Laser Microscope incorporating a SIL nano-positioning system',

 Paul Nutter, Dept Computer Science, University of Manchester
'Simulating non-linear signal contributions in high-density optical data storage'

David Wright,University of Exeter
'MAMMOS for storage beyond the diffraction limit'

 Matthew Manfredonia, University of Manchester
' FDTD Analysis of light distribution in a near-field MAMMOS recording system'

 David Lacey, University of Hull
'Novel polymeric media for ultra-high capacity read / write holographic data storage'