2D Attogram Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging
27th June 2017

Welcome to Attogram

We are pleased our 2008 conference went well

Label-Free Biomedical Array Imaging Conference 2008

Non-Technical Project Overview

There are two obvious ways to do science: either have an idea and work on it in the hope that it's a good idea or, have many ideas and try to determine which are most likely to be successful before spending a lot of time on one idea, which may turn out to be not so good after all.

The process of testing or screening ideas is difficult; the more you have, the more tests you need to apply in order to separate one good idea from many bad ones. Many of the medicinal drugs used today developed from an idea, the earliest ideas were sometimes lucky, as in the case of penicillin, but almost all have involved a lot of research and hundreds of millions of pounds worth of effort.

Scientists are now able to produce millions of potentially useful drug molecules that are either randomly generated or are variations on a theme. Unfortunately this is of no value unless you can test them reliably; it is impossible to know which ones may have a future in therapeutic medicine, now or later.

The Attogram Project is a collaboration between teams based at Exeter and Nottingham Universities, funded by an EPSRC Basic Technology Grant, we propose to build a new instrument based on some novel techniques which will help us screen many ideas with applications in chemical biology in the pharmaceutical industry and disease diagnosis.