ProTeM project at a glance

Data storage technology is at a critical point in its development. A combination of two very strong driving forces is emerging:

  • A 'societal' one demanding smaller, lower-power, higher-capacity yet reliable memories for a plethora of multimedia, communication and digital archiving applications.
  • and a technological one brought about by challenges facing conventional storage techniques as they approach formidable barriers to continued improvements : the superparamagnetic limit for magnetic storage, the diffraction limit for optical storage, and device scaling limits in solid state (Flash) storage. Difficult challenges therefore face conventional memories as they strive to reach ultra-high storage densities.

The time is hence ripe for new, emerging technologies to enter the storage field . One such emerging technology is probe storage, which has enormous potential to satisfy future needs for ultra-high-capacity, non-volatile, low-power, low-cost, write-once and re-writable memories.






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During the progress of the ProTeM project, the collaborative partners of the project have published several papers related to probe storage, phase-change materials and characterisation, recording processes, thermo-mechanical readback channel and phase-change readback channel modelling, nano-actuator design, file-system design and development, nano-probe design and fabrication, coding and detection techniques for probe-based storage systems.


A list of journal/magazine and conference papers can be found here.

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