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ProTeM (Probe-based Terabit Memory) is an EU FP6 Integrated Project funded by the IST Micro-and Nanosystems programme.

Project Aim- To develop Probe Storage micro-nano techniques and systems for ultra-high capacity, low power, small form-factor memories, with a particular focus on archival and backup applications.

Vision- Ultra-high storage densities (1-10 Tbit/sq.in), ultra-high capacities (20 TBytes in CD-sized area), media and system lifetimes and data rates suitable for archival and backup storage.

View the ProTeM Project Flyer and the Tutorial DVD of Probe Storage.

Also download the public progress report for the first year here.

Click here for information on other data storage technologies.

Also, click here to view the current progress of the project and a list of publications related to probe storage.


Click here for the ProTem project FINAL REPORT



An introduction to the ProTeM project was given by Prof. David Wright from the University of Exeter at the ICT 2008, held in Lyon, France, in November 2008.  Click to download the introduction movie.   


A workshop on probe storage was held at Numonyx Italy S.r.l. in Agrate (MI), Italy on 11th June 2009. Click here to view the agenda of the probe storage workshop and to download the presentations given by some of the experts in probe storage.

Workshop talks given on probe storage and phase change materials during IMST 2008 in November, '08 can be downloaded here: 

Phase-Change memories Probe Storage



The European Symposium on Phase-Change and Ovonic Science coference EPCOS '09, joint with IMST 2009 was successfully held at Aachen, Germany, from 7-9 September 2009. The workshop presentations for IMST2009 and the workshop program can be downloaded here:

IMST 2009 Workshop Tutorials IMST 2009 Workshop Program

To download the abstracts of the invited talks and posters presented at EPCOS'09, visit the EPCOS website at http://www.epcos.org.

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