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Sutton Common: the excavation of an Iron Age enigma

The excavations at Sutton Common

Excavations of the Iron Age site of Sutton Common (South Yorkshire) are undertaken between 30th June and 8th August 2003. The work will be carried out by the Universities of Exeter (Department of Archaeology) and Hull (Wetlands Archaeology and Environments Research Centre), thereto funded by English Heritage. The excavation forms part of a wider programme of site management and research.

The site management, undertaken by the landowner, the Carstairs Countryside Trust (CCT) with support from a large number of agencies and individuals, is aimed at preserving the organic and inorganic remains of much of the site. This is to be achieved through a programme of hydrological management that commenced in 1999. However, the organic archaeological remains on the larger enclosure can not be preserved; a watertable at a height required to achieve in situ preservation here would result in widespread flooding of the surrounding agricultural land.

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