Significant Event Audit: a focus for Clinical Governance

"If Clinical Governance is to support good care, identify excellence and encourage a climate of reflection and quality enhancement, then significant event auditing must be part of the activities of all teams. The concept and its application, as set out in this book, should become an ingrained part of our culture".

Professor Mike Pringle, Chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

In this timely and insightful book Dr. Jonathan Stead and Dr. Grace Sweeney provides the background, evidence and context of Significant Event Audit (S.E.A). More over, they provide ample practical advice and support on the use of S.E.A, derived from their substantial experience of using, researching and teaching S.E.A.

The 11 chapters of the book deal with a range of topics including:
•the context of S.E.A
•getting started: some simple rules
•learning and improving on S.E.A
•sustaining S.E.A
•S.E.A and Adverse Incident Reporting
•Looking for the Evidence
•Case studies.

The book will be immense value to all team members; i.e. doctors, nurses, managers, allied health professionals, administrative and clerical staff, students and all others involved in the pursuit of quality in health care.

About the authors.
Dr Jonathan Stead is a G.P and Chairman of the Primary Care Audit Group in North and East Devon. He is also a Research Fellow at the Research and Development Support Unit [RDSU] at the University of Exeter.
Dr.Grace Sweeney is the South West's Research Fellow in Primary Care Clinical Governance, at the RDSU, School of Post-Graduate Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Exeter.

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