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BA Festival of Science

BA Festival of Science the city

Browse the complete programme of the BA Festival of Science the city. Find out about all the events in Exeter and beyond during this year's BA Festival of Science.

Bang up to date with the latest from the labs, and down to earth as we pan for gold, there is definitely something for everyone here!

Many events happen on more than one day, so you can catch up with them when you have a free moment. There are also day trips to many attractions in Devon and Cornwall as well as workshops, drama and art exhibitions about the science that affects your life. Ever wanted to meet the UK's finest science broadcaster Lord Robert Winston? And don't forget to look out for the laser high in the sky on Friday and Saturday night, heralding the arrival of this year's BA Festival of Science in Exeter.

Opening spectacular: Falcons sky-diving display

September 4th, St. James Park, Exeter City F.C.

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