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The news 'items' below are listed in the order newest first:

  • 13-Jun-2000 Server Changes
    The SAM backend databases are being moved across from the old Novell NetWare3 server (Pandora) to the newer, faster, more reliable, NetWare4 server (Minos). Step-by-step instructions on how to change the network configuration on your PC are given here.
    Only do this under instruction from the SAM developer

  • 30-May-2000 Release of SAM 2.52
    This release is approved for marks uploading to Exams Office and Programme and Module Reconciliation with SAM and SBS data. It also includes: several enhanced reports; ability to create new Modules; marking down to individual markers level; robust module profile editing; To read the release notes click here.

  • 25-Sep-1999 Release (finally) of SAM 2.34
    At last! A version of SAM that will let you prepare for and then survive the coming registration process. To read the release notes click here. To install it see the Installation page. For an explanation of what SAM is trying to accomplish, pointers to where in SAM you need to go, and what the current problems are -- see the Overview page, which is also linked from the home page. I hope you like it.

  • 03-Sep-1999 Clarification of some aspects of SAM
    This is a reply to an email from Diane Wright (aka Elaine Henderson) of the School of Ed CPD section (I think) where she posed some useful questions about SAM functionality and development. Read it here.
    BTW: the next beta release of SAM is due this coming Monday (06-Sep-1999).

  • 10-Aug-1999 First beta release of SAM
    Here are the release notes for this first beta release.

  • 16-Jul-1999 Release of Project SAM website
    What better way of documenting the project and keeping the projects users up-to-date than a web site!
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