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[Document icon] Project Proposal: Student Record Data Warehouse [Ray Burnley, 18-Jun-2003]
[Document icon] Data Warehouse Technical Options Draft [Ray Burnley, 20-May-2003]
[Document icon] Data Warehouse Project (2) Notes of Meeting 14 May 2003 [Sue Milward, 19-May-2003]
[Document icon] Key Information for School Webmasters [Ray Burnley, 13-Feb-2003]
[Document icon] Student Records Data Warehouse Project Notes [Sue Milward, 28-Mar-2003]

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Updated: 30-May-2003
Author: R.D.Burnley

This is a restricted access area for SAM Steering Group members and other interested parties.

The AdmInfo project has been constituted to provide data feeds from the University's administrative IT systems to School-based IT systems and web-pages. This project fulfills an interim need for Schools with specific requirements which can't, at present, be provided within SITS. It is expected that future developments with SITS and eVision will obviate the need for this project in it's present form

At this juncture data will be extracted mainly from SITS and minimal data from the Personel system. The project can be envisaged as a "data warehouse" system for the University's administrative data. The data will be "read-only" and probably refreshed on a nightly basis.

The core "technology" would be, I hope, an XML data dump with XSLT transforms of the data for the specific client applications. Transforms can be developed to present the data as: comma-seperated value records; HTML (web) pages; and even Adobe Acrobat reports! A couple of links to introductions to XML: