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Plants that feed the world

There are over 250,000 plant species on earth. But there are only a small
handful which feed the world these are:

Wheat Maize Rice
Potatoes Bananas Pulses

All these produce starch, helping to provide energy and nutrition.

  • Wheat takes up more of the world's surface than any other crop.
    Since the ‘Green Revolution', the breeding programme of the 1960s
    and 70s, wheat yields have increased around 15-fold.

  • Maize is currently number one, in yield terms, eaten by people and
    their animals worldwide.

  • Rice is grown in 113 countries and all continents except Antarctica.
    Over 90% is grown in the developing world and it feeds about half the world's population.

  • Potatoes, originally from the Andes, are now grown from the
    temperate to the tropical regions and produce large yields faster than most of the cereals.
Plants for fuel
Plants for rope and fibre
Plants that feed the world