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The Kensington Dome

The Kensinton Dome houses the Kensington Telescope.


The dome, designed originally by Capt. William McClean in 1912 is constructed of American redwood. It was completely overhauled and repaired in 1997 by the District Council and has been given new rails and running gear. Now it can be rotated by a single lightweight person.

In the anteroom of the Kensington dome an interactive exhibition on the spectrum, "How Do We Know What Stars Are Made Of?" explains the use made of the complete spectrum in astronomical research. The exhibition has been established using materials given by The Science Museum, South Kensington. 

The Science Museum was built on the site of the former Solar Physics Observatory in South Kensington, where Norman Lockyer was Director and Professor of Astronomical Physics.

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The Kensington Dome

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