Australian Mining History Bibliography

Compiled on behalf of the AMHA by Mel Davies
University of Western Australia, 1997


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The Australian Mining History Association is deeply indebted to Australian Heritage Commission for granting permission to extract the core of the accompanying mining history bibliography from the work of Peter Donovan & Associates, A Mining History of Australia, Part 1 (1995). The work was carried out with the assistance of funds made available by the Commonwealth of Australia under the 1990-91 National Estate Grants Program.

Acknowledgment is also made with respect to the valuable contributions of AMHA members, especially Peter Bell, Patrick Bertola, Gordon Boyce, Greg Dickens, Greg Drew, Richard Hartley, Ruth Kerr, Ross Mainwaring, Diane Menghetti, Bernie O'Neil, John Shoebridge, Ed. Tonks and Jan Wegner.


To help the mining history researcher, the bibliography is divided into a General Australian Mining history list for those works which examine subjects on an Australia-wide basis, and into lists that concentrate on detail from specific States/Territories. Hence: New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory; Northern Territory; Queensland; South Australia; Tasmania; and Western Australia.

Each of the above categories is then sub-divided into a General category; Minerals of different kinds; Energy Sources (coal, petroleum products, uranium); Precious Stones; Associated Social and Economic History; Equipment and Structures; Processes; Mine Transportation (in some of the lists); People and Organisations; Heritage Surveys and Archaeology. The placement of the entries has depended on the interpretation of the compilers and there is no guarantee that entries will be placed where the reader would expect to find them. Again, some of the entries cross boundaries and as we have tried as much as possible to avoid repetition, readers should look broadly if they are seeking texts or articles on specific areas.

It should also be pointed out that the bibliography has focused primarily upon published books and journal articles. An important source for the researcher will be reports by government agencies; "Blue-Book" entries; reports in Parliamentary Papers, etc. These have in the main, been omitted from the lists, as have documentary sources held in various archives. Readers will be reminded that valuable research information might be garnered from organisations such as the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy in Melbourne, the Australian Mineral Foundation in Adelaide, the Australian Petroleum Exploration Association in Canberra or from various State Government agencies or business agencies such as Chambers of Mines which exist in all States. The current list might be criticised for being light on unpublished theses and dissertations, but that is a weakness that we hope to rectify over time.

The difficulty in compiling a bibliography is much related to the interpretation of `what is history?' It would be easy to extend the lists by entering the field of geology and mineralogy, but only rarely will you find reference in the lists herein, unless there is some reference to wider mining detail or to some mining processes that help identify the development of mining practice or process that would be of interest to the mining historian. The same argument applies to economics which is a field that is also dealt with lightly, though attempts have been made to include items associated with economic history. It should be kept in mind that economic statistics and interpretation might help mining historians to make more meaningful analysis but it was felt that other bibliographical sources could be used to obtain such material.

The compiler realises that there will be omissions from the lists, though it is believed that this will only be true for some minor works which have slipped through the net. However, should the reader come across any item which could be usefully inserted, or if there are updates for newly published materials, then please contact the AMHA secretary at the above address with the details.

Mel Davies (Compiler), Secretary AMHA, Univerity ofWestern Australia, May 1997

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