Collieries A-F

Colliery Alternative Name Location Opened Closed Notes
Argus   Bedminster   1897 Incorporated in Malago
Ashton Vale       1906  
Barr's Court          
Belgium   St George     Incorporated in Kingswood
Bishop Sutton   Bishop Sutton  


Presumably the new pit?
Bishop Sutton New   Bishop Sutton      
Bishop Sutton Old   Bishop Sutton      
Blackswarth Hill Crew's Hole Crew's Hole     Fireclay also worked
Branch Huish          
Braysdown   Radstock      
Bromley   Stanton Drew      
Buckland Dinham          
Bull Hall          
California   Oldland Common  


Camerton   Camerton     Merger of Old and New Pits
Camerton New Pit   Camerton      
Camerton Old Pit   Camerton      
Charmborough   Holcombe      
Clandown   Radstock   1929  
Clutton   Clutton   1921  
Clutton No 2   Clutton


Coalpit Heath   Coalpit Heath      
Conygre   Timsbury  


Merger of Upper and Lower pits
Crown   Warmley      
Crown Drift   Soundwell   1923  
Dean Lane Bedminster Bedminster   1906  
Deep Pit   St George   1936 Incorporated in Kingswood
Downside  Strap     1879  
Dunkerton   Camerton   1933  
Easton       1911  
Edford   Holcombe      
Edford New          
Egg's Hill   Yate      
Farrington   Farrington Gurney   1921  
Farrington No 1   Farrington Gurney   1923  
Fishponds   Fishponds      
Foxcote   Radstock      
Frampton Cotterell          
Fry's Bottom   Clutton  



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