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DSWP is a technique where the future detailed shape of the sea surface is predicted typically up to 30 seconds ahead at a site of interest. The ability to predict the sea surface shape and its consequences for predicting vessel motion has both commercial and research consequences. DSWP will considerably extend the envelope of operations in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry, in a variety of Naval roles, wave energy absorbers and potentially in Fast Ferry services. DSWP and the associated instrumentation also provides research tools for developing many marine engineering  areas such as: heavy construction, salvage etc.  as well as  for basic sea-wave investigations.  

DSWP is highly multi-disciplinary, involving wave theory, large scale simulation, adaptive digital signal processing, intelligent remote sensing instrumentation, ship modelling  and a wide range of other marine engineering topics.  The fundamental research work has been pioneered by The Exeter Marine Dynamics Group who have established the prediction requirements and made substantial progress with the instrumentation issues.

To take this new discipline to the point where technology demonstrators are possible requires the well co-ordinated, focused efforts of a large range of research engineers, ship modellers, oceanographers, commercial engineering partners and end users.  The
DSWP Network contains the desired membership necessary to achieve this aim and it will build upon the
ability of many of the proposed membership  to collaborate on specific aspects of DSWP. 



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