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28 March 2004
The website is totally fantastic, a brilliant idea and I love it!!!  I found it easy to use and navigate around and much enjoyed the range of subjects. I've had a good look around it but need to spend much more time as there is a great deal there. I've already found some new details of my ancestors from the data base and found the name search very easy to use. I can't really add anything more as you have got it all designed and arranged perfectly as far as I can see.
Good luck with the site.

Rich Trezise, Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales

2 April 2004
I think your website is super! I particularly like the database element enabling searching on ancestors!

Bryn Tapper, Senior Archaeologist (GIS), Historic Environment Service, Cornwall County Council

5 April 2004
This is great! Congratulations. I have included a link from our website

Edmundo Murray, Universite de Geneve, Irish Argentine Historical Society, Maison Rouge, 1261 Burtigny Switzerland

5 April 2004
Just a quick email to congratulate you on your PhD and to say how useful I have found your new web site. You were kind enough to assist me with my family tree as I had relatives, Paull and Jenkin, who emigrated to Morro Velho.

Peter Jenkin

7 April 2004
Firstly, I want to send you my sincere congratulations for your excellent website on the Cornish in Latin America. Otherwise, it has helped me to make an idea of your work thanks to your curriculum enclosed. I wish you success in your searching. 

José Maria Pérez Moreno, Linares, España

8 April 2004

Congratulations on your website. It's great to see something that opens up scholarly research to a wider community.

Oliver Marshall, Centre for Brazilian Studies, Oxford University

8 April 2004
I have had a look at your splendid website. It is all very interesting. You have put in a very great amount of study to produce all this, and the results are impressive! The pictures add a great deal of sparkle to it. It's an excellent site, and I also congratulate you on its design.

Jeremy Howat, Studies in Nineteenth Century Emigration webmaster

12 April 2004
I've taken a look at your website...............WOW! I found it was very informative, nicely laid out and easy to navigate. I must admit to reading a good 85-90% and found it all very interesting. It almost wants to make me chase up my family roots. The articles about the steam engines were also very interesting, and you manage to explain it in a way that even I could understand and that's no mean feat! All in all well done, it must really have been a lot of work.

Mark Wills, Cologne, Germany

21 April 2004
Just been going through your website, very nice. Congratulations on a good job.

Graeme Wall, Webmaster, British families in Argentina

29 April 2004
I had a great time browsing through your website - beautifully put together and easy to follow. Thank you!!

Pamela Richardson

29 April 2004
Your work on the Website Cornish in Latin America is wonderful. With emotion I saw that you included a photo of Eliza's and William's headstone in the English Cemetery in Coquimbo. Congratulations on your work and I do hope we can meet some day.

Ena Raby, Santiago, Chile

May 2004
Perhaps one of the best sites I have seen concerning the Cornish and the great migration. During the past four or five years I have occasionally met Dr Sharron P. Schwartz and her knowledge, research ability and enthusiasm leaves me breathless. A visit to this site is a must.

Mike Kiernan, Webmaster, the Cornwall Inscriptions Project, Cornwall

July 2004
I've just been looking at your website and I am very impressed. I have been away from this for a while now and just getting back into this research. It is great to know how much people are doing in the area of Britons in Latin America.

Dr Geoffrey Fisher, England

July 2004
I have visited your website and I have to congratulate you. It is excellent !

José Calvete, France

July 2004
A superb website on the Cornish in Latin America.

Robert Aguirre, Associate Professor, Department of English, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA

August 2004
I have visited your very famous Web-Pages of the Cornish in Latin America and the mining history. Congratulations for your work.

Dr. Wolfgang Griem, Universidad de Atacama, Departamento de Minas, Copiapó, Chile

August 2004

A beautiful website. I've book-marked it and will return at intervals.

Michael Coney, Canada

September 2004
Thanks for a wonderful site, it's so nice that people are interested in each other enough to go to great troubles to help one another.
It's great to know that people are interested in preserving our histories, they are all, individually, such small drops, but together they do make an ocean of limitless fascination.

Graham Hodge

September 2004
I think that your web site is excellent and it is very generous of you to make the results of your research freely available.

John Medling, Leigh, Lancashire

September 2004
I am delighted you have opened a web-site about the migration of the Cornish to Latin American Countries as I have been trying to find out more about my family who migrated to Pachuca and Real del Monte in Mexico. Congratulations on your achievements.  I hope we can find out a lot more about our ancestors by pooling information.  I for one am more than happy to contribute in any way I can.

Ann Jarvis

September 2004
I came upon your website this evening. May I say how impressed I was and relieved also to at last find something really worthwhile on the web regarding Cornwall and Latin America ?

Alan David Coleman-Harvey, Regent's Park, London

October 2004
Congratulations for your beautiful website about the Latin American Cornish miners. As a descendant of one, I was very pleased to find a site where the only focus was Latin America. Most of the information relates to the US, Canada and Australia emigration, but not Latin America.

Steven Hugh Chellew T., Chile

November 2004
Your website is brilliant!!  I often wondered what you were going to do with all the information you had collected and your presentation is wonderful.

Jo Anne Gaddy

March 2005
I was delighted to discover your website whilst researching my maternal grandfather Samuel Harvey who was MP for Totnes. After looking at old family photos, I did a web trawl &  I came across your website with info about my great grandfather Sir Robert Harvey. It is really exciting.

Regards, Clive Jolliffe

March 2005
I have just gone into your website because it was given to me by an old school friend in Sao Paulo, Jean Barton.  It was with great emotion that I looked at the pictures of the Casa Grande and the general one of Morro Velho.  My father, Frederick Harrison, was treasurer of the St. John del Rey gold mine from 1957-1962 by which time it was Mineracao Morro Velho, no longer St. John del Rey.  I can remember a couple called Clemence while we lived in Nova Lima (Morro Velo being the name of the mountain there).  I think, if I recall correctly, my brother, sister and I used to have to walk along a little path past their house and then on up a hill to the little school which looked down on it.  We were always wary of the path because of snakes!

I look forward to exploring your site much more thoroughly very soon!
Veronica Barrett

April 2005
I very much appreciate your site, having only in the last week discovered it through a link from the Gwennap OPC link on Genuki Cornwall.

Clarence Simmons, Canada

April 2005
A fascinating website and as I have just returned from Chile and Argentina it was doubly interesting. I had just visited the Welsh agricultural colony in the Lower Chubut valley (which still has 3 - 5 thousand Welsh speakers) and the industrial emigration from Cornwall was quite different in nature. I note the strong links with S Wales in the data and I presume the Cornish-Welsh links are well researched in terms of Copper/Tin and Coal, plus the Methodists of course.
Diolch Meur wras

Petroc ap Seisyllt, London

April 2005
Congratulations for your excellent website Cornish in Latin America. As a descendant of one, I was very happy to find my ancestors.

Alberto Vivian, México.

April 2005
First of all thanks for your excellent 'Cornish in Latin America' web site. I am interested in (and descended from) the Youlton family of Cornwall - Emily Youlton born in St Agnes in 1869 was my Great Grandmother. I have been intrigued for some time by evidence that some of the Youltons were in Latin America, so your work has added a lot to my knowledge of the background to that migration and some details in the form of names and marriage dates.

Andy Carlson

June 2005
Thank you for an excellent website. It is my first real success in tracing my ancestors in Brazil. They being the Nicholas family in Morro Velho from St Agnes.

Ron Nicholas.


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