The Cornish in Latin America

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Sharron P. Schwartz completed her BA (Hons) degree in European History at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London. Sharron worked for several years as a history tutor for the Department of Lifelong Learning, University of Exeter, and launched the Cornish Global Migration Programme under the aegis of the Institute of Cornish Studies at Murdoch House in 1999 and was the documentary researcher for the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Bid, Heritage and Environment Section, Cornwall County Council. She completed her doctorate in Cornish Studies at the University of Exeter entitled 'Cornish Migration to Latin America: A Global and Transnational Perspective' in 2003. She was Research Fellow in Migration Studies at the Institute of Cornish Studies from 2004-2006. She currently runs the Cornish Mining Heritage Programme as an Honorary University Fellow with the Department of History at the University of Exeter and has recently attracted British Academy funding for a project in conjunction with Professor Graham Davis of Bath Spa University entitled: Networks of Metalliferous Mining Migration in the Nineteenth Century Transatlantic World: the Cornish and Irish – a Comparative Study

Sharron is currently working as a freelance historical consultant. Recent work includes research for the Cornish Mining World Heritage (WHS) Office about Cornish mining communities overseas and research to ascertain the potential market of overseas tourists for the Cornish Mining WHS Office, DACOM and Visit Cornwall. She is also involved in building up the 3Diaspora Project with a team of academics, geologists, 3D and remote sensing specialists and videographers, from Ireland, Britain and Australia which will use the latest technology to explore the Cornish Diaspora of the C19th and C20th.

Her current research interests are:

  • Mining landscapes and heritage tourism
  • Nineteenth and twentieth century Cornish global migration
  • The evolution of the Cornish diaspora and transnational identity
  • The development of mining communities in Cornwall and overseas
  • The Cornish in Latin America

Sharron is the author of prize-winning Lanner: A Cornish Mining Parish (1998), and has published numerous articles on Cornish migration, mining and gender. Her more recent works include ‘Exporting the Industrial Revolution: the Migration of Cornish Mining Technology to Latin America in the Early Nineteenth Century’, New Perspectives in Transatlantic Studies, Macpherson and Kaufman, (eds.), New York 2002; ‘Cornish Migration Studies: An Epistemological and Paradigmatic Critique’, Cornish Studies: 10, Exeter, 2002; 'Migration Networks and the Transnationalisation of Social Capital: Cornish Migration to Latin America, a Case Study', Cornish Studies: 13, in Philip Payton (ed.), Exeter, 2005; ‘Bridging “the Great Divide”: the Evolution and Impact of Cornish Translocalism in Britain and the USA, Journal of American Ethnic History, 25 (Winter–Spring), 169–89, 2006; (with B. Deacon) 'Cornish identities and migration: a multi-scalar approach', Global Networks: a Journal of Transnational Affairs, 7:3, 289-306, July 2007.

Sharron is the President and a Director of Europamines Ltd., the European Mining Heritage Network, and
the Education Officer of the Cornish Mexican Cultural Society, the committee of which is aiming to recreate the Great Trek of the Transport Party of 1825-6 from the coast near Vera Cruz to the silver mining settlement of Real del Monte in Mexico next year. She has provided consultancy to numerous local organisations including Kerrier District Council, the Historic Churchyards Project, The Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Bid and the Mining Villages Regeneration Project. She is presently rewriting her doctoral thesis into a book.


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