The Cornish in Latin America

First and foremost I would like to thank Nick Birbeck and especially Paul Thornton of the Learning and Teaching Support Centre, University of Exeter, for their considerable forbearance and technical assistance with this website. Similarly I am indebted to Bill Edmunds of the University's IT services department. 

Thanks to Professor Marshall Eakin of
Vanderbilt University TN, Dr Malcolm Jones of Watford,  Rich Trezise, and Dave and Mary Mayo who most generously gave me some photographs of Morro Velho and/or Gongo Soco which have proven to be extremely useful. Alejandro Odgers and his wife Maria of Mexico City made me very welcome when I visited Mexico on a research trip in May 2002, and to them I am most grateful for the chance to visit Pachuca and Real del Monte. Terry Dudley has long been active in researching the Cornish in Mexico. Many people owe him a great debt of thanks for his work recording the names and locations of the memorials in the English Cemetery at Real del Monte. This warm hearted gentleman has done much to promote links between the Cornish and Mexicans and has been exceedingly generous to many people like myself who, over the years, have been glad to receive photographs and other items of interest from him. To Belem Oviedo-Gámez and staff at the Archivo Histórico de la Compañía de Minas de Real del Monte y Pachuca, thanks for their time and access to their splendid photograph collection when I visited. 

My cousin Arthur Inch, an ardent genealogist, made initial contact with our family in Chile. To him I am indeed indebted for information and photographs, as well as the impetus to keep researching. I am grateful to Ena Raby of Santiago Chile for photographs of Cornish memorials in the cemetery at Coquimbo, and for meeting me at the airport and for accommodating me overnight when I visited Chile in September 2005. To my cousins David Williams of Lanlivery and Marcella Inch of La Paz Bolivia, thank you for photographs of our family in Chile and Bolivia respectively. I am also exceedingly grateful to Andrea Honeyman-Brown for images of some of the mines belonging to the Copiapó Mining Company, Chile, and to Dr Wolfgang Griem of the University of the Atacama with whom I spent a fabulous weekend exploring the old mines and desert cemeteries of the Copiapó region during my visit to Chile.

Thanks also to P. Phillips for pictures of the Aroa Mine, Venezuela and to the late Dr A.C.Todd for encouragement and some images of his research trip to Mexico in 1967. To all the people who provided me with information while I was compiling my PhD migrants' database, I am very grateful. I am also indebted to Nicholas Johnson and former colleagues at the Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Historic Environment Service of Cornwall County Council, for access to GIS facilities whilst completing my doctorate, and especially to Ainsley Cocks for taking a number of the Cornish photographs that appear on this website. 

Last but not least, I wish to thank Dr Bernard Deacon at the Institute of Cornish Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Exeter University, for his support during the research and writing of my PhD and to my daughter Keren, for putting up with another long project.

Sharron P. Schwartz February 2004

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