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ACTUI Network sponsored Workshop

 ‘Decision making in the water industry with inadequate or incomplete data’

 held at 10.30 am, on Wednesday, 2nd April 2003
Seminar Room 1.29, Building 8 West, University of Bath, Bath

 Notes of the meeting

1.      Attendees:

      Brunel University             Roger Powell
De Montfort University    
Bogumil Ulanicki
Imperial College              Cedo Maksimovic
Thames R & T                David Burnell
University of Exeter         Sarah Adam (Network Co-Ordinator)
                                     Roger King (Chairman)
                                     Soon-Thiam Khu
                                     Godfrey Walters
University of Liverpool      Richard Burrows
                                     Tiku Tanyimboh
                                     Andrew Templeman

2.    Presentations

     Presentations were made by attendees detailing their expertise and possible contributions to the previously published outline ACTUI proposal. 

Reference was also made to institutions who were unable to attend but had communicated their general support for this initiative (University of Bradford, University of Cranfield, University of Sheffield, United Utilities, Advantica Stoner, Ewan Associates, Seams and Wallingford Software).

 3.       Agreed EPSRC Proposals

Following comprehensive discussions of the synergies between the members, initially covering both clean and waste water systems, four themes for collaborative proposals emerged;

1)    Entropy or information based models for decision support in water system planning and design


Optimisation Decision Support – Godfrey Walters, University of Exeter (leader)
Overall Entropy Model – Tiku Tanyimboh, University of Liverpool

 2) Understanding the effects of uncertainty in operation and control of water systems


Operational Control – Bogumil Ulanicki, De Montfort (leader)
Linear Fractional Transformation - Roger Powell,
Brunel University
Massively Parallel Computing – Roger Powell,
Brunel University

3)     Waste Water


Adrian Saul, Sheffield University
Hoi Yeung, Cranfield
Cedo Maksimovic, Imperial College

4)     XML


Roger Powell, Brunel University (leader)
Bogumil Ulanicki, De Montfort
Adrian Saul, Sheffield University
Other ACTUI members

4.      Actions

·        Determine EPSRC policy with respect to consortium proposals

GAW 11/04/03

 ·        Presentations to be emailed to SEA and published on ACTUI website

SEA 11/04/03

·        Password system to be set on the ACTUI website

SEA 11/04/03

·        Summary of previously prepared consortium proposal to be sent to GAW

RP 11/04/03

·        Template for outline proposals to be sent to members

SEA 11/04/03

·       Partners of outline proposal 3 should agree on a theme, brief  description and a leader

 AS/HY/CM 01/05/03

·        Proposal leaders to produce one page summaries of above proposals


·        Mail summaries of proposals to ACTUI industrial members




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