Libertarian Views on Money

Its Creation and Control

Is government control of money compatible with freedom of the individual?

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A collection of links to sources of information on libertarianism and money, banking and finance covering the economics, politics and philosophy of power over money creation.
The Libertarian Alliance
Among its publications are some on money, a few of which are listed below.
The Micropolitics of Free Market Money a proposal by Antoine Clarke
Currency Competition some options considered by Antoine Clarke
The Uses and Abuses of Money by Nick Elliott Politicians have often laboured under the delusion that money is something created and manipulable by themselves, when in fact it is the spontaneous institution of a free society and will continue to evolve in ways outside their grasp.
Adam Smith on Money, Banking and Macroeconomic Order
By Andrew Farrant, Libertarian Heritage No. 16. (A paper published by the Libertarian Alliance).
FAME: The Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education
The goal of FAME's web site is to become the principal source of intellectual ammunition in support of "honest money."
International Society for Individual Liberty
The literature section of the ISIL website has a number of articles on economic issues.
The Economic Means to Freedom
A series of essays by Frederick Mann. It was one of a number of resources on libertarianism at the website.
Ayn Rand on Money
An extended quotation from page 387 of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, the American philosopher. Although she was a laissez-faire capitalist she did not like being associated with libertarianism and was actually very critical of that philosophy. However, because libertarians often cite her writings in support of their own views this link is included her.
Monetary and Banking Policy by the Cato Institute
The Institute's aims are the promotion of public policy based on individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace. Many publications on money are available from its web server.
Digital Cash and Monetary Freedom by Jon W. Matonis
Matonis advocates a privately-managed digital cash system. The Internet is a new world and a new world demands a new currency - a new standard of value. This standard should be dictated by the market.
Money Without Government and Banks by Michael E. Marotta.
Private money has a long history which actually preceded coins from kings. Call them tokens, good-fors, wooden nickels, chits, scrip, they have carried trade and commerce time and again. And they are working now. Originally published in Practical Anarchy, November 1993. Revised version published in Numismatica, 21 June 1994.
The MillenniumDollar
This is a private currency designed to be self-adjusting for inflation and deflation. Its value is indexed using an inflation index for the US dollar. Among the features of the website are an extensive FAQ and an article entitled a brief description of the private currency which, despite the modest title, contains quite an informative account of the ideas behind the MillenniumDollar.
The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: a Free Market Odyssey
A book by Ken Schoolland using fiction as a means of explaining basic free market ideas. The book has been endorsed by Milton Freedman.
From legal tender to virtual vouchers
Gian Piero de Bellis presents an outline of aspects of the history of money and its future based on a libertarian perspective.
The Future of Money edited by Robert Knautz. Articles from Policy Spotlight vol. 1 no. 1, September-October 1997.
Alternative Íkonomie?!
The material on this site is in German - there are hyperlinks to English language texts/sites.
Democracy and Government Control of the Money Supply
When coins were the predominant form of payment governments controlled minting. The development of modern banking and paper money broke the government monopoly of money creation and fostered the growth of democracy. Although not written from an explicitly libertarian perspective this essay, based on A History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day by Glyn Davies is on a theme of interest to libertarians.

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