The Djinn Books

A fantasy series for children by Linda Davies

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 Cover of Sea Djinn by Linda Davies.

Sea Djinn

When Finn Kennedy comes to live in Dubai with his aunt and uncle he is naturally drawn to the beach not far from their house and within sight of the iconic Burj al Arab, the sail-shaped hotel that has become a symbol of modern Dubai. It is at that beach that one evening he is drawn into a much older world when he encounters Triton, the Sea Djinn, a supernatural being who reveals to him that his parents have been kidnapped and are pawns in the perennial struggle between good and evil. With the help of his cousin Georgina and their friend Fred, Finn sets out to free his parents armed only with some training by Mr Violet, a mysterious teacher in their school ...

 Cover of Fire Djinn by Linda Davies.

Fire Djinn

Just three months after the events described in Sea Djinn the three principal characters, Finn, Georgina and Fred are enjoying a night under the stars out in the desert, away from the lights of Dubai, when the peacefulness of their surroundings is suddenly shattered. Once more the trio find themselves in the thick of a battle between the Dark and the Light with the fate of people in many nations depending on the outcome as only a select few will be sheltered from the worldwide destruction that is planned. This time it appeears to Finn and his two friends that they are on their own as their allies seem powerless to help them...

 Cover of Storm Djinn by Linda Davies.

Storm Djinn

Finn Kennedy, the Prince of Atlantis, has to develop a new power in order to combat his most serious threat yet.

“So my role,” Finn said, gazing round the Castle of Winds, “ is to travel back in time to 1923, to the Valley of the Kings, where Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter were excavating Tutankhamen’s tomb, steal into the tomb, nab the Burial Shroud and use it as to trap Typhon?’

‘Yes,’ answered the Djinn of the Winds. ‘Are you ready?'

 Cover of King of the Djinn by Linda Davies.

King of the Djinn

When Obsidian, the Dark Rock Djinn, discovers that Finn has trapped the three other Dark Djinn, he kidnaps Finn and tries to force him to reveal their location, so that he might free them and in exchange take their powers, thereby making himself King of the Djinn. Finn escapes and goes in search of Gaia, the Earth Djinn of light, to enlist her support.

Though trying to help him, Gaia unwittingly traps Finn in stone, and Fred and Georgie must travel back in time to search for him. Only when they are in mortal danger can Finn find the power to break free and save them.

Thwarted, Obsidian’s rage explodes into earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, freeing both the Dark Fire Djinn and the Dark Sea Djinn, thus setting the scene for the forthcoming War of the Djinn.


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