Ark Storm

An Extreme Weather Thriller by Linda Davies

 Cover of Ark Storm, a meteorological thriller by Linda Davies.

Terrorism by Weather Jihad

I can harness the power of the storm and I can magnify it. I can bring the Flood. I can wash away hillsides, destroy homes; I can take a swath of some of the most expensive real estate in the United States and I can rain down upon it the wrath of Allah at the infidel. ... When the right storm comes. Then I shall magnify it. I will give California the ARk Storm of their nightmares.


The El Niño Model and Atmospheric Rivers

Gwen Boudain, a young meteorolgist whose special area of expertise is in modelling el Niño, an oscillation of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific having important consequences for weather around the globe, joins Falcon Capital, a firm owned by a billionaire Saudi sheikh who has long been dreaming of striking a devasting trillion dollar blow against the United States by triggering an ARkStorm (Atmospheric River 1000 Storm). When he learns that Boudain is predicting the development of a major el Niño that will spawn an atmospheric river carrying many times as much water as the Mississippi, heading towards the United States, he realises that the time for Jihad by weather is fast approaching.

The American intelligence and security agencies have no inkling of what is in store. The only sign of something unusual in the offing is picked up during an investigation of white collar crime by the Securties and Exchange Commission. Its agents come across some unusual trades in property and insurance markets but the mystery speculator has covered his tracks by using a complex chain of secretive Asian banks.

Nobody knows enough to be able to pose any threat to the sheikh's plans. The only obstacle emerges slowly after Gwen Boudain falls for a man she met surfing the waves off a Californian beach. The man is Dan Jacobsen, a reporter who is a former US Navy SEAL.

Availability of Ark Storm

The eco-thriller Ark Storm was published late in 2014 new! and can be ordered now from various suppliers including,, and

Kindle Edition The version of Ark Storm for the Kindle ebook reader may also be ordered from, and

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