EU FP6 Projects on Memory Technologies



The primary objective is the research and development of the science and technology of small, low-power yet utra-high capacity archival probe-storage system that will support storage densities beyond 10Tbit/ or ultra-high capacities of 20TByte in CD-sized area. Probe-storage system is based on the Atomic Force Microscope principle: A nanometricprobe interacts with the surface of a media to write and read information bits.



The aim of ProTeM is to develop probe stoage micro-nano techniques and systems for ultra high capacity, low power, small form-factor memories with a particular focus on archival and back-up applications and the vision is to achieve the ultra-high storage densities (1 to 10Tbit/, ultra high capacities (20 TBytes in CD-sized area), media and system lifetimes and data rates suitable for archival and backup storage.


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Coordinator: Exeter University, UK

Partners: IBM GmbH Zurich, Switzerland; STMicroElectronics, Italy; CEA-LETI, France; FhG-ISIT, Germany; RWTH-Aachen, Germany; University of Twente, Netherlands; Plasmon Data Systems Ltd, UK; Arithmatica Ltd, UK; Alma Consulting Group, France.