A Whole Life Costing Approach to Distribution Network Management


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Project Outcomes

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The project work has resulted in numerous benefits to the water companies;

Knowledge gained regarding the causes of bursts will be utilised by leakage managers in the short-term planning and direction of repair effort. 

The approaches developed impact on the overall level of leakage and the whole-life cost approach should ensure optimal benefit from a finite investment in mains replacement.

The associated cost benefits should be passed onto the consumer. 

The new approaches to underground asset management have world-wide potential. 

The UK water industry and its consulting agencies benefit from a competitive edge in the consulting market once this fundamental research has been carried out.

Reducing overall leakage in the distribution system has the knock on effect of reducing demand at source. It also reduces, or may defer, the need for new, demand related abstraction licences which may also have significant ecological impacts. The preservation of a greater proportion of the water stored in reservoirs makes the public less vulnerable during times of drought, and hence the general public are the ultimate beneficiaries.


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