Archive of Victorian Punch

This archive consists of scanned images ot the pages of all (well, some, so far!) issues of Punch from its inception in 1841 until Queen Victoria's death - in all 50 issues per year for 60 years.

The archive will be accessible in three ways:

Directly specifying which volume or issue you wish to read. The volume or issue can be specified by number or by period of publication. Either whole issues or just the large engravings can be viewed.
By searching a database created from the indexes that were published with the final issue of each half-yearly volume. These indexes are of textual item titles. Keyword searching will be included where appropiate.
By searching a specially created database of the Large Engravings published weekly (with a few exceptions) from the beginning.
Once the archive is entered, the icons shown above will always be available in a small frame in the top left-hand corner of the browser, as now.

The resultant displayed pages have been scanned and prepared for viewing in the browser window. The pages are also being converted to PDF files for printing. However the PDF files are at a much higher quality and hence are considerable bigger. The original scans are held on the archive and these can be made available if required.

The whole web site is intended to be viewed full screen or in a window that is at least 1000 x 750 pixels.

Paul Ellison