Methods of Investigation - MRI & CT Scanning

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and Computed tomography (CT) are used to look at the structure of the brain and can be used to identify abnormalities, such as lesions, which can help the diagnosis of epilepsy and different seizure types.

CT ScannerMRI Scanner

Above: A CT scanner (left) and MRI scanner (right)

CT is a relatively quick and straightforward technique that is widely available and therefore, a convenient tool for diagnosis; it uses x-rays to create a computerised image of the brain.

MRI provides very detailed pictures of the brain structure using a powerful magnetic field. An MRI scan is much more sensitive than a CT scan in identifying abnormalities; however, people with certain types of metal implant, such as pacemakers, and severe claustrophobia are unable to have an MRI scan.

CT Scan

Above: An example of a CT scan

Below: Examples of an MRI scan

MRI ScanMRI Scan