Welcome to the website of the TIME project.

"TIME" stands for "The Impairment of Memory in Epilepsy". The main focus of the project is on a recently described disorder, Transient Epileptic Amnesia (TEA). This is a form of epilepsy giving rise to short periods of amnesia, commonly associated with other persistent memory problems. The disorder is often misdiagnosed, as it is an unfamiliar form of epilepsy, but responds well to treatment. It therefore has clinical importance. It also has theoretical significance: we hope to learn more about underlying brain mechanisms of memory by studying this distinctive syndrome.

The website is mainly designed for lay people, but there is information of interest for specialists at the end of the site; please scroll down to the specialist section. The non-specialist pages are designed to provide accessible information to patients, their families and other interested people about Transient Epileptic Amnesia, its associated memory problems and the background science of memory. The specialist section includes a list of publications from the TIME project, gives access to several pdfs, and provides contact details for practitioners wishing to refer patients into the TIME project.

We welcome feedback on the website which can be sent via our contact form.


On Wednesday 27th June we ran our first ever TEA Day, inviting previous research participants and family members to join us for the day to discuss recent research findings and future directions for research. The day was a great success and we thank everyone who was involved. Copies of presentation slides can be downloaded. Read more.