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This page includes information on all the institutions involved in the creation of the teaching and learning resources repository for the pilot project.  These institutions have agreed in principle to collaborate on the pilot by creating content and by testing the TheoWeb resources in a course module

Particular areas of responsibility are indicated.


St. Paul’s United Theological College, Limuru, Kenya
Dean Esther Mombo
Interfaith relations a particular area of interest; has an MA programme.
Dept of Theology University of Natal, South Africa
Gerald West
Would be interested in material dealing with the theology of development.  Also works in ethics as related to HIV-AIDS


School of Education
University of Exeter, UK
Susan Lochrie Graham
Project director
Dept. of Lifelong Learning, University of Exeter, UK
Mike Higton
Has content for introductory level modules in Bible and Theology
South West Ministry Training Course, Launceston, UK
Stephen Dawes
Is writing and using DLL materials; will revise and pilot 

North America

College of Emmanuel and St. Chad, University of Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Bill Richards
Has a number of modules online, and will revise and pilot; is looking for church history materials
Queen’s College, Memorial University, NF, Canada
Joanne Mercer
Has just taken up post
Religion Online
William F. Fore, Sr. Editor
Making available articles and other published material related to the field (linked and embedded).

Prospective Partners

Institutions listed here are considering participating in the pilot project in various ways.  Discussions are taking place and the decision to proceed will be taken during Autumn 2003 (by the end of Phase 1).


Open Theological College, University of Gloucester, UK
Trevor Cooling
Cranmer Hall
University of Durham, UK
David Clough; Roger Walton; Gavin Wakefield; Stephen Croft

North America

Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest, Texas, US
Michael Floyd


Luther Seminary, North Adelaide, South Australia
Di Thiele
Dept of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Otago, Dunedin,New Zealand
Paul Trebilco
Hypertext Bible Commentary Project, School of Theology, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Tim Bulkeley

Other partners in the pilot project would be welcome. Please contact us if you are interested.


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