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"Educational resources are not owned by those who create them but by those who need them."






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Conversations and correspondence with the people listed here may result in collaborative efforts or other help.  As decisions are made, links here will provide specific information.

Professor Steve McCarty,
Asian religions, comparative religion,
the psychology of religion, and contemporary issues in Asia
Revd Dr Grant LeMarquand Bibliography of African Biblical scholarship; collaboration with African partners
Dr Jim Little New Testament 
Professor Schuyler Brown Article on Job; Jung and the Bible
Revd Dr AKM Adam
Links to Disseminary
Revd John Beverley Butcher Baptism: multimedia resource
Humphrey Mogashoa Pre-theology materials
Dr. John Afele Contacts in sub-Saharan Africa
Revd Roger Spiller,
Diocese of Coventry, UK
Content for CPD 

IBM Ursula Reber
Ohio School Net Ed Hill
Commonwealth of Learning Paul West
IRFOL Terry Allsop
Inter-Logics Chris Blantern



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