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Research & Funding

Current Research

Current work is being conducted with users from the local mental health outpatient centre considering their Physical Health Needs.

Opportunities for the Stroke individuals are being investigated.

Aims and Objectives

·        Applying for grant money

·        Increasing in group size

·        Development of research strategy

·        The long term development

 Applying for Grant Money

Initial contact has been made to the Lottery and Stroke Association for the UK. The most promising fund would appear to be the Stroke association, who were pleased to hear of a group like this in the south west. On the last communication to the association it was agreed that the research developed from the current research would be sent to them as a support base for an application for funding. The lottery also has expressed interest as the group represents the ‘sort of projects’ they are looking to fund currently. With any application, funds would allow a vast improvement to facilities and research design and measurement.

Increasing Group Size

The group has increased in size, but is limited by the time available currently given to this process. As the group develops with more structure and help given by students, the goal of improved advertising, research and quality in the exercise sessions be improved.

 Developing a Research Strategy

It is envisioned that a multi disciplinary approach will be undertaken. The main interest of the program leader has will be the psychosocial needs of the individuals. It is however, clearly recognised that a key role of the clinic is to document physical assessments and to do this without making use of the research potential would be foolish. Within the first year of advertising for helpers, students have responded well. It is this volunteered help that will allow the groups research potential to be demonstrated. The group is well suited for both BSc & MSc dissertation projects and development of research at least initially, may lie here.

The Long Term Development

The group has demonstrated the link that can be established between the university and it’s resources and the community. Using this group as a pioneering project it may be possible to extend this to different in need populations. The university provides the perfect opportunity for leaders within the public health setting to practice and develop knowledge and understating of such as process. It may be possible to develop a centre that can benefit the participants physically, psychologically and socially. Additionally providing much needed practical experience for students who want to continue in this field of work.



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