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BA Festival of Science

Supermarkets, the farmers' friend or foe?

Are supermarkets helping the farming industry or disempowering local farmers? Ben Bradshaw MP, Anthony Gibson of the NFU, Guy Watson of Riverford farm and local chef Michael Caines discuss the issue with with representatives from Supermarkets and indusrty. Do supermarkets have an unfair stranglehold on farming? Or is their input vital for the survivalm of the industry? What would farmers do without them? Farmers and those with an interest in rural affairs are especially welcome at this event which is free and open to all. An open discussion from the floor will follow the discussion by the pannellists

Friday 10 September, 7-9pm

Venue: Peter Chalk Centre, Newman A LT, Streatham Campus, University of Exeter

Tickets for this event are free but advance booking is recommended to reserve a place.