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Bickham Farm - The Organic Farm Tour

Rod and Ben'sBickham Farm near Exeter streches over 106 acres of deep red soil and is a mixed farm of animals, vegetables and arable crops. It is the home farm to Bickham House and Garden, one of the finest e traditional Victorian gardens in the country. The farm boasts a viable organic system incorporating a vegetable box scheme, which has grown from 40 boxes when it was started in 1999 to over 300 per week. This excursion to Bickham Farm will give you a chance to meet farmers Rod and Ben and ask everything you ever wanted to know about organic produce during the tour.

Monday 6 September, 10am-1pm

Meeting Place: Washington Singer Building, then lower level of Paris Street Coach Station

Tickets: £3.00 (advance booking essential)

Link: Rod and Ben's