Photo Gallery

All photographs copyright (C) to the RQAD Project, Leeds, and/or the Queseir al-Qadim Project, Southampton.
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A view of the excavation site, looking south westward.

Trench 9 Islamic building*.

Worker digging out an Arabic paper fragment from the east wall, trench 9A*.

Sheikh's house, North East of the site.

Sheikh's house, North East of the site.

Small storage unit building, trench 2B/2C (5?).

Canavanserai rooms.

Long shot of the canavanserai.

Islamic mound from the West (Chicago excavations).

Sheikh's home, North East of the site.

Rock carvings, Wadi Quseir.

Qatira boat at Fort Quseir, builder interviewed by Dionisius Agius.

Roman building, trench 8A.

Amphora in trench 10000A, South East (used as a foundation for walls where reeed or rope was put over and some kind of sediment laid on top).

A skeleton of a Qatira boat in Quseir.

Group shots, to the left is the boat builder.

Trench 2B, South West excavation and Roman building, where paper fragments were found.

Dionisius in trench 2B.

Worker recovering an Arabic paper fragment.

Paper fragment with Arabic writing.

Reconstructed ostrich eggshell with Arabic writing.

* See reports 2001 at the Southampton Website