How to visit us

The two main ways of visiting the Observatory are:

  • on a scheduled Public Opening.
  • as a member of a Booked Group.

For Public Openings there is no need to book. For dates and times, see Openings or refer to the NLO Calender.

Whichever way is chosen the scope of the visit and the cost are the same, but if you are intent on seeing through the telescopes, it is better to wait for a Public Opening on a clear night.

There will always be a planetarium presentation, and it is worth arriving on time so as not to miss this. There will also be a tour of the domes and their historic telescopes. In addition there may be a talk in the lecture theatre and a demonstration of the Met station, showing satellite images and automatic weather recording, or the radio room. There are interesting displays in the Exhibition Area.

A visit takes roughly 2 hours, but could be longer on a clear night if the telescopes are in use.

Admission charges:

Adults £ 5.00 (no concessions), children and full-time students £ 2.50.