Monthly lectures of the NLO Society

These are held monthly (apart from July & August) and free for members of the society.

Non members are also welcome to attend lectures (voluntary donations are appreciated to cover society expenses).

Speaker & Title
12 Sep 11 Mon Exoplanets
Paul Wilson, Exeter University
10 Oct 11 Mon The Computer Chip
Bob Miles, NLO member
The Computer Chip
14 Nov 11 Mon Glows, Bows & Haloes
Richard Fleet, BAA
Glows, Bows & Haloes
12 Dec 11 Mon NLO Xmas Meeting
Dr Petar Goulev, NLO Member
Quiz and NLO AstroPhotographer 2011
09 Jan 12 Mon Venus transit Expedition 2012
Huw James
13 Feb 12 Mon Fukishima
Alan Martin (NLO member)
09 Apr 12 Mon History of Deep Sky Observing
Alan Dowdell (BAA)