Group Visits

We can deal with groups of 25 to 60 for night-time visits and 25 to 120 during the day. Visits can begin as early as 10 am and end as late as 10 pm. Clearly there is no sure way of knowing in advance whether it will be possible to see through the telescopes on the night in question. However great the efforts of our observers, it is the weather which decides what, if anything, can be seen. We do find however that this need not determine the success of a visit.

There will always be a planetarium presentation, a tour of the historic telescopes and a chance to see the displays in the Exhibition Area. Beyond this we are in the hands of the group's organizer. If your group would particularly like to see either the meteorological or radio stations in use, to slant the planetarium show in a particular way or to hear a talk on a chosen astronomical topic, please let us know well in advance.

A visit can be expected to take about 2 hours, longer if there are additional items or if viewing is possible through the telescopes.

If the size of your group is less than 25, you may be encouraged to join one of our scheduled Public Openings. The scope and price are the same.

Charges: Admission for Adults (no concessions) is £ 5.00 and for children and full-time students is £ 2.50.