Australian Mining History Association

1997 Membership List

as at 28th May

Key - w = waged. u = unwaged. I = Institution

Name Address code tel & e.mail Area of Interest

Bailey, Robin and Ann (Mr. and Mrs)

2 Baroona Court
Vic. 3186
Tel: 03-95964292
Subject Area: Victorian Goldfields History and Archaeology

Banfield, Keith (Mr)

56 Hill St, Mitcham,
SA 5062

Bell, Ian (Mr)

Technical Services Australia
Australian based operations
3/111 Coventry Street
S. Melbourne
Vic 3205

Bell, Peter (Dr)

PO Box 3044
Rundle Mall
Adelaide 5000
Tel: 08-8338 2460
Subject Area: General

Bertola, Patrick (Dr.)

299 Lion Street
Mt Helena
WA 6082
Tel: 09-2956537
Subject Area: West Australian Gold mines and the World Economy

Bird, Margaret

3 Morrell Street
Qld 4810
Tel. 070-741486
email: margaret
Subject Area: General

Birrell, Ralph

279 Turner Rd
Vic 3551
Subject Area: Mining law

Boyce, Gordon (Dr.)

Econ. History Group
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600
New Zealand
Subject Area: Nickel, Iron Ore 20th Century

Branagan, David (Dr)

83 Minimbah Rd
NSW 2063
Tel: 02-99587127
Subject Area: Mining geology

Bridge, Peter J (Mr)

Box 317
Victoria Park
Tel: (09) 3625955 (Fax)
Tel: (09) 3612333
Subject Area: Mining History Publisher - all areas

Busacca, Deidre (Ms)

University of California, Davis
P.O. Box 1196
Calif. 95617
Tel: (916)-753-3755

Carment, David(Prof)

PO Box 41813
NT. 0811
Tel: (h)089-852685
email: dcarment
Subject Area: Mining in the Northern Territories

Carter, Christopher (Mr)

LPO Box 89
Australian National Univ.
ACT. 2601
Tel. 06-2999724
email: Christopher
Subject Area: Archaeology of Ephemeral Camps and Cornish Miners

Carter, Wendy (Ms)

PO Box 2016
WA. 6430
Tel: 090-932736

Coldwell, Peter J (Mr)

PO Box 6143
Qld. 4702
Tel: 079223877
Subject Area: Coldwell Drilling Co.

Cosgrove, Betty

5 Wood Street
Emu Park
Qld. 4702
Tel: 079396495
Subject Area: Social History of Mount Morgan

Crilly, Kath (Mrs)

Box 254
SA. 5045
Tel. and Fax: 8-2942904
Subject Area: Opal Mining Pioneers and Ruby Mining

Croggon, Janice (Mrs)

PO Box 79
Vic. 3357
Subject Area: Victoria Mining History and Migration to Ballarat

Cusack, Frank

75 Russell St
Vic. 3550
Tel. 03-54432178
Subject Area: Gold and Gem minerals

Davies, Mel (Mr)

Dept. of Economics
University of WA
WA. 6907
Tel. 09-3802939
email: mdavies
Subject Area: Copper, Gold, Financing, Co. organisation

w Dempsey, Stanley 1660 Wynkoop St, Suite 1000, 303-573-1660 Royal Gold Inc.

Denver, Colorado 80202-1132

I Department of Mineral Resources(NSW)Minerals & Energy House (02) 99018210

29-57 Christir Street, St. Leonards, NSW 2065

c/o, A, Bashford (Mr)

w Dickens, Gregory (Mr) 18 Anulka St, Howrah, Tas 7018 (h)002-477110 Mineral Resources Tasmania

Fax. 002338338 Tasmanian Mining Hist & Heritage

w Drew, Gregory J (Mr) 25 Rokewood Ave, Belair, SA 5052 (h)08-2786732 Mining Heritage

w Evans, Peter (Mr) 4/7 Clifton Rd, Hawthorn East, Vic 3123 03 98226175 Mines in forested areas

w Fox, Charles(Dr) Dept. of History, Univ of WA, Nedlands 6009 09-3802175 Work processes/the State/mining communities



w Grimwade, Gordon (Mr)PO Box 9, Yungaburra, Qld 4872 070-953737 Queensland mining, Chinese, Copper, Gold


w Hansen, Geoff, Mr. 66 Bissenberrier Crescent, Kambah, ACT 2902 06-2316377 Mining, North Queensland

w Hart, Philip (Dr.) History Dept, Univ of Waikato, 078384466 Social History of mining at Tearora

Private Bag 3105

Hamilton N.Z. E. Mail PRHart@Waikato.Ac.NZ

w Hartley, Richard(Mr) 1A Creekview, Rossmoyne, WA 6148 09-4579718 WA from 1840; Intern Gold mining 1880-1940;

Gold metallurgy.

w Harvey, Colin (Mr) 45 O'Connor Street, Reservoir, Vic 3073 03-94603565 archaeology/engineering/rail transport


w Henning, Graydon (Dr.)Dept of Economic Hist, Univ of New England, 067- 732702 Mining, Australia/Papua New Guinea

Armidale, NSW 2351 E. Mail

w Hill, Amanda (Miss) PO Box 2113, Bendigo Mail Centre 3554 0354471834 Gold - all aspects.

w Hill, Brian (Mr) PO Box 467, Glenside, SA 5065 (h)08 83383022 Entrepreneurs, Finance, Mining Cos.

Fax 08 83793177

w Hollick, Mary (Ms) 10 Duncan Street, Ballarat, Vic 3350 0353328212 19th Cent gold min/heritage management

E. Mail

w Hooker, Richard 41 Cyclades Crescent, Currumbin, Qld 4223 (h)07-55988426 Mining Heritage - Sites, Relics, etc.

u Hosking, William, R.(Mr) 26 William St, Hawthorn, SA 5062 08-2714599 Early South Australian mining.

u Hunter, Kate (Ms) 16 Thomson Street, Earlville, Qld 4870 070-542707 General & N. Qld mining history

w Jackson, Ken (Dr) Economiocs Dept, Univ of Auckland, Private Bag, 649-3737599, ext 8309 Economic, environmental & historical developm

Auckland, New Zealand

w James, Barbara (Ms) PO Box 4873, Darwin, NT 0801 08-89-818163 Aus goldfields & Chinese involvement

I James Cook University, Dept of History & Politics, Townsville,Qld 4811 077-814170


u Johns, R.Keith (Mr) 9 Beckman Street, Glandore, SA 5037 08-2936449

(Formerly Director General SA Dept of Mines & Energy )

u Jones, Timothy(Mr) Box 51, Ainslie, ACT 2602 06-2486235 Mining Northern Territory

w Kennedy, Kett (Prof) Dept of History & Politics, James Cook Univ, 077-814170

Townsville, Qld. 4811 e.mail:

w Kerr, Ruth (Dr) 105 Highland Tce, St. Lucia Qld 4067 07-38709588


w Kingsley, John & Marcia PO Box 8187, Allenstown, Qld 4700 079346638 Kingsley Mining & Exploration

w Kirkman, Noreen (Ms.) PO Box 924, Castletown, Hyde Park, Qld 4812 077-726118 Mining North Queensland

u Kirwan, Deborra June 30 Winter Street, Caboolture, Qld 4510 07-54991248 N. Qld mining history

w Klaassen, Nic (Mr) 6A Baldina St, Eden Hills, S.A. 5050 08-2787021 South Australian Mining

E. mail:

w Latchford, Norma (Ms) Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines Ltd 090-221700 All areas of mining

Private Mail Bag 27, Kalgoorlie, WA 6430

w Layman, Lenore (Dr) School of Soc. Sc, Murdoch Univ, WA 6150 (w) 09-3602394 Occupational health & safety

u Legge, Robert (Mr) 31 Alroy Circuit, Hawker ACT 2614 06-2540557 Social infrastructure

w Lucas, Helen (Ms 12 Brampton Avenue, Cranbrook, Nth Qld 4814 (w)225339 (h) 790237 Qld Dep Environ & Heritage

w Mainwaring, Ross (Mr) 5 Sheather Ave, St. Ives, NSW 2075 02-94492738

w McLachlan, Robert (Dr.)History, School of S&S, 2795 063-384350 Gold min, central West NSW, espec Ophir.

Charles Sturt Univ, Bathurst, NSW e.mail:

w McQueen, Ken (dr.) Faculty of Applied Science, Univ of 2616 Metalliferous mining

Canberra, PO Box 1, Belconnen, ACT au

u Megaritty, Lyndon (Mr) PO Box 1101, Aitkenvale, Qld 4814 077-255555 Mining legislation, British Investment

w Meiklejohn, Anne (Ms)PO Box 6557, Cairns, Qld 4870 (w)070-315122 Noth Qldmining

e.mail: NRA

w Menghetti, Diane (Dtr.)Dept Hist & Politics, James Cook Univ. 077-814244 Coal, Copper, Gold

Townsville, Qld. 4811 E. Mail Diane. Menghetti

w Milne, Richard, J (Mr) PO Box 14, Summerland Point, NSW 2259 049-725004 Coal, Gold, Copper, Silver, Lead

I Minerals Council of Australia, c/o Ms Dianne Stuart, PO Box 363

Dickson, ACT 2603

w Moser, William (Mr) PO Box 181, Kangaroo Flat, Vic 3555 035470089 Mining 1850s-1950s

I National Trust of Australia (N.T.) GPO Box 3520, Darwin 0801 08-8912420 Cultural Heritage

Director, Bob Alford (Mr)

*w Nisbet, Diana (Ms) 9 Hepworth Road, Trigg, WA 6029 4470368 Heritage & mining museums

u Olditch, Michael (Mr) 4 Feltus Place, Kambah ACT 2902 06-2317614 Archaeology of mining

w O'Neil, Bernie (Mr) 36 Tallack Street, Windsor Gardens, SA 5087 (W) 08-82610077 S.Australian, general & gov't admin.

*w Organ, Michael (Mr) Archives-Library, University of Wollongong 042213543 Oil Shale, Coal Min (NSW)

Wollongong,NSW 2522

u Parkes, Rebecca (Ms) 11 Allott Place, Belconnen, Act 2617 06-2516710 Mining Archaeology, esp Transport

w Phimister, Ian (Prof) History Dept, Beattie Bldg, 5 University Ave, (021)6502742/1 Gold Mining

University of Capetown, Rondesboch 7700 Fax (021)6504038 E.mail:

w Ralph, Gilbert , MBE 2 Baxter Court, Mt Waverley, Vic 3149 03-98074501. Fax 03-98074501 Western Mining Corp

u Rhodes, Linda D. (Ms.) 26 Woodroyd St, Mt. Lawley, WA 6050 (09)2713135 Mining wives


w Rickard, Phillip (Mr) 1 Reserve Road, Ringwood, Vic 3134 03-98702285 Aust & territories/rail tpt in mining

w Sceney, Doug (Mr.) 55 South Crescent, Northcote, Vic 3070 03-94127972 All Mining and environmental aspects

u Shoebridge, John (Mr) 30 Baker Street, Dora Creek, NSW 2264 049731087

w Shortis, Stephen (Mr) 30 Ferncourt Ave, Roseville, NSW 2069 0294192448 Gold mining espec. NSW

w Simpson, Donald (Prof) 7A Undebarra Road, Burnside, SA 5066 08-84316305 Mining accidents & safety

I Sovereign Hill Museums Assoc, Sovereign Hill PO, Ballarat 3350 03-53311944

Attn. Penney, Jan (Dr)

I Stannary Mining Pty 321 Lake Street, Cairns, Qld. 4870 070-315497Fax Historic Gold Mining

Hicks, Adrianne (Mrs) Director. e.mail : Project

u Thomas Frederick U/52, 135 Macquarie St, (h) 07-32161419 Copper smelting/Callington/Cobar copperfield

Teneriffe, Qld 4005

w Thomas, Ross Dept of Mines, PO Box 174 n Qld mining hist; underground warfare

Charters Towers Qld 4820 077-874640 e.mail:

w Thompson, Tess (Mrs) PO Box 416, Pinjarra, WA 6208 09-5312176 Social history

w Tonks, Ed (Mr) 19 Wakal Street, Charlestown NSW 2290 049431209 Coal Min Aust, esp. Hunter Valley/ Newcastle

w Watson, Bruce (Sir), 272 Jesmond Rd, Fig Tree Pocket, 4069, Qld. 07-3781536 All areas of mining

w Wegner, Janice(Ms) Dept of History & Politics, James Cook Univ., 070-421100 Technol,gold & tin, dredging, underground min.

Cairns Campus, PO Box 6811, Cairns 4870 e.mail:

w Wilson, Graham Hist Dept, Un of N. E, Armidale, NSW 2351 (h)067-727586 Mining New England (NSW)

w Wolff, Dayrell (Mr) 443 Varley Street, Yorkeys Knob, Qld 4878 DECEASED

u Young, Evelyn (Mrs) 7 Boobialla St, O'Connor, ACT 2602 062 2486029 All areas of mining history


Koshin, Jillian (Mrs) 25 Lytton Street, Invermay, Tas. 7248 03-63 266236 Attitudes, Work & Social conditions

Lerk, James, A (Mr) 8 Mackenzie St West, Golden Sq, Vic 3555 03-5443-1717 Bendigo Goldfield/Technology

Mouat, Jeremy (Dr) History Department,Athabasca Univ., 403 675 6213 19th C min finance& compgoldrushes

, Athabasca T9S 3A3, Canada E.mail:

Pearson, Michael (Dr) 84 Ballarat St, Fisher ACT 2611 06-2884147 Mining Heritage - copper & gold history

Roberts, Glynn (Mr) 427 Strickland Avenue, South Hobart, Tas 7004 03-62391512

Stronach, Chris (Mr) 14 Pine Grove, Kardinya, WA 6163 93106607 W.A. goldfields history


Supple, Raymond G (Mr) 55 Victoria Rd, Malvern, Vic. 3144 (h) 9-5718348 (w) 9-4124236 heritage/ Conservation

E.Mail : Heritage/Conservation

Wilkinson, Rick (Mr) PO Box 37 Portarlington, Vic 3223 0352-593325 Petroleum & general mining history

* 4 members in 1996 accounts