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Bibliography ... Leicestershire & Warwickshire

Leicestershire and Warwickshire ... Books

Baker, D.W. Coalville: The First 75 Years, 1833-1908 (Leicestershire Library Service, 1983).

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Hawthorn, A.E. Origin of Coalville, Leicestershire (Unpublished: Copy in Coalville Public Library).

Massey, J. The Birth and Development of Coalville (Unpublished: Copy available at Coalville Public Library, 1968).

Leicestershire and Warwickshire ... Theses

White, A.W.A. Economic Growth in Eighteenth Century Warwickshire: A Study of the Rise of the Warwickshire Coal Industry with Special Reference to Sir Roger Newdegate (Bart.) of Arbury, Estate Owner and Coalmaster. (University of Birmingham PhD Thesis, 1972).

Wise, S.E. Coalville: The Origins and Growth of a Nineteenth Century Mining Town (University of Leicester MA Thesis, 1969).

Wright, D. A Survey of the Industrial and Commercial Activities of Joseph Wilkes in and around the Parish of Measham in the late 18th Century (University of Nottingham BA Thesis, 1968).

Leicestershire and Warwickshire ... Papers

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