Collieries Closed Before 1871

The report of the Royal Commission on the coal industry, published in 1871, includes a list of 150 pits which had been closed by then, although the actual dates of closure and, in many cases, the locations of the pits are not given. Some of these pits are included in the other lists on this site.

Colliery Alternative Name Location Notes
Air Balloon      
Allen's Paddock   Farmborough  
Amberlands   Nailsea  
Amesbury's   Farmborough  
Barlake   Nettlebridge  
Batchelor's   Cock Road  
Bilboa Old      
Bishop Sutton Old      
Brain's   Bedminster  
Britton's Lower      
Britton's Middle      
Britton's Upper      
Buckland's   Nailsea  
California   Hanham  
Castle's   Stapleton Two pits
Chaffhouse   Shortwood  
Cheltenham   Kingswood  
Church Lease   Coalpit Heath  
Clutton Manor Old     Five pits
Coal Barton     Three pits
Cock   Stapleton  
Cock Road      
Cook and Thatcher's   Shortwood  
Crew's Hole      
Cromhall Engine      
Cromhall Old      
Crown   Warmley  
Deep Pit   Bedminster  
Doxall   Kingswood  
Duck's Nest      
Duke of Beaufort's   Kingswood Lodge  
Duke of Beaufort's   Stapleton  
Duncombe   Kingswood  
Dunkerton New   Radstock  
Dunkerton Old   Radstock  
Dyas Bridge      
Easton Old      
Edford Common      
Farler's   Nailsea  
Farmborough New      
Flat Vein   Kingswood  
Fryar's   Mangotsfield  
Fry's Dodd's    
Fudge's   Kingswood  
Globe   Newton St Loe  
Golden Valley   Nailsea  
Goldstone North-side Bedminster  
Grayfield Old      
Great Dicot   Kingswood Lodge  
Great Engine   Bedminster  
Great Salisbury      
Grimsbury   Warmley Two pits
Grove   Coalpit Heath  
Gunner's   Bedminster  
Harvey's Hill      
Haygrove Engine   Farmborough  
Hayswood   Timsbury  
Heath   Nailsea  
Hopewell   Kingswood  
Jeffrey's Hill      
Kingshill   Nailsea  
Level   Kingswood  
Little Dicot   Kingswood Lodge  
Long's   Nettlebridge  
Lower Catch      
Lower Whimsey   Coalpit Heath  
Mangotsfield Seam     Two pits
Marsh   Bedminster  
Meareland's   Farmborough  
Mearns   Farmborough  
Middle Salisbury     Two pits
Newbury Old      
New Cow Horn Hill      
New Engine Shepherd's    
New Engine   Nailsea  
New England      
New Grove   Timsbury  
New Land   Bedminster  
New Lodge   Kingswood  
New Moorwood      
New Pylemarsh      
New Ridgeway   Stapleton  
New Ringing     Three pits
No 11 Engine   Coalpit Heath  
Norton Hill      
Old Backwell   Nailsea Three pits
Old Cow Horn Hill      
Old Engine   Bedminster  
Old Glasshouse   Nailsea  
Old Haygrove   Farmborough  
Old Hole Lane      
Old Lower Vobster      
Old Moorwood      
Old Nailsea   Nailsea  
Old Nettlebridge   Nettlebridge  
Old Paulton      
Old Pitcot      
Old Pylemarsh     Two pits
Old Rock      
Old Vobster Breach      
Oxbridge   Coalpit Heath  
Parker's   Kingswood  
Paulton Ham      
Paulton Hill      
Potter's   Kingswood  
Ram Hill   Coalpit Heath  
Ratcomb   Farmborough  
Ridgeway   Kingswood  
Royal Oak   Kingswood  
Rudge's Clutton Ham    
Serridge Engine   Coalpit Heath  
Shoscomb   Radstock  
Sidney's   Bedminster  
Siston Common      
Siston Engine      
Slyving Salisbury    
Smallcombe   Radstock  
Soundwell High      
Soundwell Lower      
Soundwell Middle      
Staple Hill      
Staple Hill Engine      
Tapwell Bridge      
Temple Cloud      
Tennis Court   Kingswood  
Travis   Bishop Sutton  
Tyning   Timsbury  
Upper Catch      
Upper Whimsey   Coalpit Heath  
Upper Wood   Shortwood  
Victoria   Kingswood  
Woodbarrow   Radstock  
Woody Haygrove   Farmborough  
Yate Little Vein      
Youngwood   Nailsea  

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